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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Organized Shopping

In order for me to organize my room, I visualized how I planned on organizing. I painted a vivid picture in my mind about how I wanted to organize my things while making it easy and convenient to maintain it organized. I wanted a system that was fast and easy.

I previously had all my jeans hung on a closet extending rack I had purchased at wal*mart. After moving into the new place and into my new bedroom I decided the rack wasn't really working for me anymore. I didn't like having my jeans hanging on the lower half of my closet or the fact that it was putting so much weight on the bar.

I wanted a system where I'd keep all my jeans folded and tucked away but with the visibility to see each pair of jean. I pictured cubbies like the ones I've seen at Torrid when I shop nicely stacked and separated by size.

At first I purchased a Joy Mongano 6 Shelf Closet Organizer from Target for $15.99. I thought of hanging it in my closet and nicely stacking my jeans witin each shelf cubbie but that didn't work out. You can find out why here.

After heading back to Target and returning the no good closet organizer, I decided I needed something that was going to be heavy duty and durable. I purchased a Stackable 9 Cube Organizer instead for $50 bucks.  Completely worth it and a great investment indeed.

I brought my vision to life with this cube organizer. I was able to sort and stack my jeans nicely and still have easy access to grab and go. Keeping this baby organized should be fast and easy. The great thing about this organizer is if I ever resort back to hanging my jeans, I can use it as a bookshelf, or even add cubbie drawers and use it as another means of storage. The possibilities are endless. 

I also puchased a few other items I have yet to include in this post but will defintely discuss in a video I plan to upload. I'll post pictures in another post soon.

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LovelyKorita said...

OoO looks so purdy! I have so much stuff that Idk how to organize anymore lol