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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Goodwill Finds

As you may know I am a big bargain shopper. I try and find deals left and right and get more bang for my buck. Thrift shops like Goodwill and consingment shops are not to be left behind or ignored. Here are a few finds I found a while back and wanted to share. A lot of vintage items and for super cheap. I really enjoy shopping at thrifts because of all the ideas I gather in my mind, the alterations that can be done and the outfits than can be put together.

Bought these amazing gold toned shades. Yes, they're a little beat up and have minor scratches here and there, but who doesn't scratch their glasses anyway. They look a lot more expensive than they are and adds a lot of glam to any outfit. These are some of my favorite shades and they're hot!

Found these wonderful vintage earrings. Most are clip ons and the rest are regular pin earrings. I like to sanitize my earrings before wearing them just to be on the safe side considering they were amongst a bunch of other earrings and with anything used, it's always best to wash/sanitize before using it yourself.

I bought these shoes for five dollars. The shoes are BRAND SPANKING NEW. Never been used, the bottom soles have absolutely no scratches and no signs of use.  They're very vintage and high class or sophisticated looking lol. I found some earrings to match so I'm defintely looking forward to putting an old vintage glam outfit together and make use of these shoes and earrings.

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LovelyKorita said...

those shoes look Marilyn Monroe-esque! lol love em!