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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

Open Note to Trey: Trey, we all know you're gorgeous, fine, and that you make our mouth water, but seriously you need to chill and kick back a little with all that sex appeal you are so desperatly trying to ooze out of you in this video.

Now ladies, I am having second thoughts about Trey in this video. I love a man that has confidence in himself and knows he drives a woman crazy, but Trey just over did it for me in this video.  His sexy appeal isn't natural in this video for me, he's trying to damn hard to make you melt and it's just not working for me.

However I do sit back and enjoy being amused by him as he so desperatly tries to "make love to me" through this video. Babe, it ain't working. Sorry. CUT CUT CUT!

I dont know about you all but I almost feel uncomfortable watching this video and I feel for the directors and camera men behind the shoot! lol. He's so into himself in this video it's so ridiculous and so funny to me at the same time. So many girls comment on how they wish they were the girl in the video and I find myself questioning why!? Seriously, the girl may be in his arms but clearly Trey is more into himself than the girl and it's so funny watching him try to act like he's really into her when he's trying so hard to seduce you through the screen. I dont know, it just doesn't flow naturally for me. Defintely amusing though.

From the googly squinty eyes to his head nodding and shaking back and forth, I've never seen a male artist try so hard to detail emotion the way Trey did in this video. ...something's changed for me when it comes to Trey. Seriously, the man looks gay. And threre's nothing wrong with being gay, but what woman fantasizes about a gay man? Not saying Trey is gay, just saying he looks gay to me in this video.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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VixeninTraining said...

Lol yeah he was trying to have a usher confession like video in this one and it didn't work. I totally agree with you on this though, since this new album of his has dropped, I haven't been really feeling him, like its only so much sex you can talk about, I really think that his old albums was the best because they was more personal and they had a hint of sex. As for the video I shook my head through it all and laughed!