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Monday, December 27, 2010

Ross Haul

Last week I went to Ross and picked up a few items. I was mostly looking for Xmas presents for the family, but who shops for xmas gifts and doesn't pick anything for themselves?

I got this lovely top by Kenneth Cole for 12.99. The material is very light weight and sheer. Perfect for the office, and easy to dress up or down. I can easily wear this in the summer despite the slouchy turtle neck because it's so sheer.
Kenneth Cole New York Top Original Price $69.00
I couldn't help but pick up a few more scarfs specially after noticing the mark downs and deals I was getting. The nude pink and black Viscose scarf is very soft and will definitely keep me warm. Picked it up for 9.99. I also picked up a nude beige Polyester Scarf which marked down to 6.99 so I couldn't pass it up.
The beige scarf is very light weight and sheer. Can be used to dress up a casual outfit. I liked the beading on the bottom, the light bounces off these beads and give it a more glamourous look.
Jones New York Polyester Scarf Original Price $38.00
Viscose Scarf Original Price $20
And with the winter now in session, I had to pick up a few more hats to keep warm.  I found a Grey wool hat from the Jessica Simpson collection for $5.99 and Gold Sequined hat for $6.99.
Left: Jessica Simpson Hat Original Price $19.99 Right: Capelli New York Hat Original Price:$18.00
And finally, I picked up this lovely handbag for $34.99. I'm not a handbag collector and rarely buy expensive handbags but decided to treat myself before the year ended. I liked the ruffling on this handbag and the fact that it's so big inside and I can use it with just about any outfit.

Big Buddha Marie Black Ruffled Satchel Handbag Original Price: $89.00

And that makes up my last haul of the year. I haven't made any resolutions for 2011, but I know I would like to haul less, that's for sure! 


Anonymous said...

omg i love the scarves and purse nena!

Maria said...

haul less? No way! you scored some pretty good deals. Gotta love Ross. I don't know what I'd wear without them. I love that bag, by the way. I almost bought it for myself, but The straps were too short for me, too bad.