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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Your Leather On

Faux Leather Jacket - Collection B (Ross)
Black Top - Gift from GraceandRaul
Grey Burnout Tank - JCP
Washout Jeans - Paris Blues (Ross)
Faux Leather Boots - Ross

Today was a very rainy and cold muggy day. I personally loved it. I spent most of my day indoors, watching Season 2 of The Office on Netflix from my laptop as I tried cleaning up a few things in my room. I think I only cleaned up and organized for about five minutes between each episode!

Not very productive.

I hadn't seen The Office until one of my good friends Angel, whom I hadn't talked to in YEARS got a hold of me and said he thought it was hilarious. I had to check it out and couldn't agree more. I'm constantly laughing at the show and even got a little crush on Jim :)

Anyway, I went out a few hours and did a little shopping and I wore this today. It's pretty simple yet edgy. I didn't bother wearing makeup or getting all "pretty".  Luckily makeup isn't something I have to have on before I leave my house.  My weekend has been very relaxing and I'll go to work tomorrow and be off for the next two weeks. I'm hoping I only work 4 hours and get off early since we're only going to do inventory. Either way, I'm looking forward to the next two weeks off :)

Anybody do anything exciting this weekend?


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