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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Tree

I have been feeling like blah lately but today was such a wonderful day and I actually felt like taking pictures.  I only take pictures and make videos when I'm in the mood because otherwise none of them come out any good and I feel as though how I feel truly comes through my videos and pictures.  I find taking pictures and making videos is another form of therapy for me.

 I have to find a location that is nice, soothing, and that I enjoy the scenery so I capture that in my pictures other than my living room. Plus, I'm working on painting my apartment back to it's original condition and therefore been stressing out on finding a contractor cuz my manager is being such a douche about it. She wants a licensed contractor to do it so I been stressing about that because these guys really wanna gaffle me. I have been helping my mother move in, and even packing my own things becuase I'm moving to a 2 bedroom by the end of the month so packing ahead of time is a big help.

Anyway....cuz i'm getting way off point...(like I normally do in my videos)

There are so many wonderful places to take pictures at the Winery. On my lunch breaks I gather ideas and find a spot. On the way to the park today, I found a few more places I will be taking pictures at for an upcoming "photo shoot". There are parts in the vineyards that are in full autumn transition. It's so beautiful. The leaves on the vines are so many beautiful colors! I can't wait to capture some pictures and share before the vines completely dry off and the leaves begin to fall off their vines.

Today I chose to take pictures on the tree at the park we have on grounds. It's a perfect place to sit back, relax, and meditate and listen to the wind gush through the vines and leaves, through the branches of the trees and then brush up against your skin and through your hair. I love the smell of wet earth, specially after a first rain. It's so soothing and reminds me of times I went to visit my "ama y pa" (grandparents) in Mexico .

When I first came out to the Park 4 years ago, I fell inlove with the tree and knew I'd love tot ake pictures on it one day. I can't wait to do more black and white photography with this tree,  specially now and when Fall transitions into Winter. The branches will be brittle and naked and all that will show is the skeleton of the tree and it will be so beautiful.  

Next semester, I will take a photography class. I feel I have an eye for photography, and it's not just about taking a picture and looking pretty but actually capturing a moment in time, and capturing and making art through photographs.   I also want to take a class because I'd like to know more about the development of photographs and how images are captured. I think it's so wonderful and one of the greatest inventions ever! :)

I hope you all enjoy this post. I know lots of my viewers really enjoy the photographs at the end of my videos so I will try and deliver more artsy pics which I love anyway :)

Have a great week!
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