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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 5: A Place You've Been To

Taken with my Canon Digital Elph 10.0 MPX

So I have been to a few places within the country and one of them was Vegas. Unfortuntely it wasn't as fun as I had expected. We went to Vegas 2 years ago to celebrate the birth of 2009. My ex boyfriend and I went for New Years and it sucked!! He had this long ass face the whole night and it was just the way to enter the new year. Maybe that's why we didn't bring in 2010 together lol. Anyway, Vegas was defintely fun and despite him having his long ass face the whole time I still managed to enjoy myself.  This was the 2nd time I visited Vegas. I know the third time I make it out there will be unforgettable and I will defintely make up for the first two times.

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LovelyKorita said...

My fave song by Sneaker Pimps came on while iw as reading this!!!!! haha LOVEEEE Six undergroundddd, the ground beneath your feetttt...okay okay...haha yeah it sucked ur bf had a LONG ASS FACE LMAO good thing he's outta the pic! I've been to Vegas a few times but never partied it up with friends. It was all strictly family outtings lol