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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Meaning Behind the Name...

Day 2: The Meaning Behind the Blog Name
Last year in July I created an account on an online chat site and I was thinking of a good name that could describe me in "one" word.  I've always been a curvy girl, always been on the plus side and although I consider myself a fatty, most of my friends always said I wasn't fat I was just "thick". Since I didn't want to give the wrong impression or even try to hide the fact that I was a bigger girl I knew I wanted to incorporate the word thick into my username and that's when I decided to add "and gorgeous" to the name. 

Through out my life I have received wonderful compliments on my physical appearance. I have been told I am beautiful and pretty. I decided I didn't want to use either of those because it didn't sound right. "thicknpretty or thicknbeautiful or beautifulnthick" just didn't have that a ring to it. I decided Gorgeouz would be the perfect word as it clearly described both pretty, and beautiful and just something that is appealing!  It sounded perfect!

I started making videos in May of 2010 on Youtube and decided to keep using my chatsite username "ThicknGorgeouz" and it has forever stuck. It's official, I'm thick n gorgeouz and I cater to all thick n gorgeouz ladies. That is the meaning behind my name, blog name, YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter.

Not only is it a name, but it truly defines who I am. I am a thick girl and I am gorgeouz. Being gorgeous doesn't necessarily refer to looks. If I didn't have looks, I'd still be a gorgeous girl because I have a what I consider to be a gorgeous personality and believe all women or men should find that inner beauty because the outside washes away and slowly disintegrates with time. It's all about your inner beauty and how you carry yourself and how good you look always. That doesn't mean you have to be dolled up either! Gorgeous to me and you may be different than him or her. Everyone's perception of what gorgeous is can and will always differ from person to person but the only person who you need to remind of how gorgeous she is, is yourself when you look in the mirror every day! It's easy, just repeat after me "Hey there Gorgeouz" :) I'm sure you will smile back at yourself and realize just how right you are and just how gorgeous you are smiling.

And that is the meaning behind my name.



LovelyKorita said...

Very well said! I agree you are gorgeous in every way possible (from what I've gotten to see because I just began talking to you.) But I love teh way you are =]

Truchamp06 said...

I agree! Very well said! So, HEY there gorgeouz.. LOL