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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mayra's Playlist: Top Ten of the Week

I decided I wanted to incorporate a few new things into my YouTube Channel and music is one of them.  Music revolves around me and is a part of my life everywhere I go. I listen to music on the way home where its my local radio station or my favorite CD of all time (Los Enanitos Verdes: La Historia). I get to work and I'll play Yahoo Music or I'll plus in my Zune Player. If I'm away from my desk I'll have Pandora playing on my iPhone.  Point is music is a part of my life.

Unlike most, I do not have a music preference. I love all music. EVERYTHING. Yes. Even Country! I love me some Taylor Swift. I love me a little bit of everythign and if I havn't heard it, I'll give it a listen. Sometimes I warm up to music that I dont like at first and then I find myself unable to stop playing it.

I have Shazam Red on my iPhone. It's a music app that tags songs you may  not recognize or not know the name of if you find yourself saying "OMG! I love that song! What's it called!?" I know that  happens to me a little too often and since I've bought this app, it's been a life saver. I also use it to tag songs I adore so I can buy later, and figured I'd use it to talk about my favorite jams of the week.

So...let me get started and this is in no particular order, I love them all the same :) Click on the titles and get directed to the official music video.

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    Truchamp06 said...

    Girl, my life without music with be a pathetic one. Like you i pretty much have a theme song to my day. Every morning I wake up to Alicia Key's unthinkable, its my motivation believe it or not and then like you ive got slacker radio, pandora, ipod, yahoo, radio, the skys the limit with music these days! Love the post, cant wait to see MORE! (sorry for no grammar)