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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3: A Picture Of Me & Friends

From L-R: Karen, Alejandra, Liz, Gloria, Me, Rommy
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This picture was taken exactly one year ago. October 10th, 2009.  It was the first time after a few years that ALL of us got together in one night. And this isn't even everyone lol. This is only who managed to get in the picture at this one time. I love the fact that they caught us off gaurd and just captured a moment! (cuz you know nowadays all pictures are just posed). This picture is priceless! I love Liz's expression! She was so drunk, you'll always find her at her happiest when she's drunk lol.

I guess animal prints were hot this night! lol No one got together and said "let's wear animal print" but when we all got there almost everyone had some sort of animal print on! lol.

Karen on the left is Liz's roomate. She's a cool girl, but very very quiet and timid, although she ain't so timid at all! But you know what they say "Las mas calladitas son las mas cabronas" which translates to...the quiet ones are the baddest bitches of them all lol and you can interpret "bad" at your own discretion lol

Alejandra aka Ale or Morena is the sweetest girl on earth! She has a heart of gold and will never hold a grudge against you no matter how bad you treat her or hurt her. She's an angel and Liz and I are the demons that corrupted her! lmao Girl knows how to enjoy life, she is hilarious!! Always making faces and being herself, cuz when you hang with us, you can be just that. Yourself.

Liz aka Chubby, ya'll know this bitch already! lol. She's my sidekick, my mini me, the annoying ass gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe! She's been MIA lately, but I still got love for the hoe.

Gloria is the newest addtion to the "fatass crew" lmao (I just made that up right now lol) she's my temporary co-worker and she can be very close minded at times so I'm trying to show her how to ease up a little and just enjoy life :). You could say she had one of the best night's of her life the night we took this picture lol.

Your Girl Mayra to which you will learn more about as this blog continues :)

Rommy my comadre! I've known her since I was 16. Well, I've known all these girls since I was 16, with the exception of Gloria. I met her when I was 20. Anyway, Rommy is one bad ass bitch! We've been partying it up since we were 16 and the girl knows how to PARTY! But now she's more settled down cuz the bitch went and got preggo twice! lol to which I baptized her mini me! I swear it looks like she shitted that kid cuz he looks just like her, acts just like her, and everything about his lil ass is like her! lol with the exception of a stick between his legs lol. You guys will meet her one day.

And that is a picture of me and some friends! These are the closest of my friends and decided to share them with you because we are all planning another get together soon so you might see them in the future :) Thought I'd intorduce them now so you can get  a feel for their personalities.


LovelyKorita said...

I love when pictures are spontaneous! Love the unintended color coordination! hehe

Nikki said...

I love it... this is a cool challenge and I now have my husband doing this. Thanks for the inspiritation.

Truchamp06 said...

This is sooo cute!! Love the way you all were color coordinated!

Irresistible♥Icing said...

Love the pic!