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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 4: Bad Habits Anyone...

So...as you can already see...it's 10:50pm and I better get this over with now before I actually kick the habit in and not do it, and that bad habit is procrastinating. Oh yes. I am the worst procrastinator ever!! I mean it's bad. I swear I can't kick the habit. Maybe its because I"m so lazy, IDK what it is!! I end up paying late fee's left and right because I say "right now" and like my mother always said growing up "es un orita que nunca llega" which translates to "it's a right now that never arrives". Seriously, my habit is bad and just about everything! It's bad. I need to kick the bad habit!! I am truly suffering the consequences today.

For example, I said "I'll pump gas right now" as in when I get home. Well did I do that? No. And what happened? I needed to go to comcast to fix some account issues and my ass literally got stranded right before the exit! lol Luckily I had enough speed in the car to pull in and actually park the car lol.

What else? Well I finally after saying "tomorrow" for 2 months put in my new invisalign tray! My teeth are hurting soooo bad. I literally teared up when I put the tray in because of how tight they were. I swear I do not want to take out the try for fear of how painful my teeth are going to feel in the morning. If that means I have to leave the tray on for the rest of the week and go without eating then I guess I'm gonna do that because it's seriously hurts!! I took 5 ibuprofen at work today just to numb the pain! Right now I couldn't take anything cuz I don't know where any pain killers are with the move and all.

So yes, a bad habit of mine is procrastinating. Now my laptop is on 5% battery life and I been procrastinating for the past 25% battery life that I'm gonna get my charger but have I done it? Nope. I'm just gonna shut down now and go to bed :)

At least I managed to post this up on time :)

Audrey, you and I are too alike! lol :p And you know why else I'm talking about lol (rooms) hahah :)



Truchamp06 said...

MAyra!! Adios Mio!! Is sooo hard! Girl you dont even know.. well yes you do! But I swear, the other night i convinced myself to do laundry...so i did a load..put it in the dryer..and uh its still there..from thursday night.. ill get it tomorrow.. i swear LOL You know i still haven unpacked from VEGAS! Psshhh its so sad! Instead of going to wash clothes i bough outfits to wear to work last week. girlll its horrible!! We must get better LOL

LovelyKorita said...

OMG haha that's me too! BUt I think that my nail biting is the worst habit i Have! LOL