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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Full Figured Fashion Week - LA BayBay

Finally a fashion SHOW for us curvy girls! I have got to say I am going to do my very best to make it out to LA by the end of this month! I'm not shopping for ANYTHING all this month just to save enough ca-ching ching and get myself some tickets, a hotel room, and have enough for grubb and hit the clubs with my girls in LA if they're available Oh yeah!

So for those of you who are not aware, The Full FIgured Fashion week(end) is just that; a weekend full of fashion for the full figured, plus sized, voluptuous woman. LA is only hours away from where I live so I'd be crazy not to save enough and make it out there.

This is such a great and positive event for the plus size community. It's amazing and so exciting to see more and more designers and fashionably trendy clothes for the bigger woman today. No more moo moo's, baggy pants, sweats, or oversized t-shirts. This event is showcasing some of the hottest fashion trends for us curvy girls and I'd be crazy not to make it out there. I'd love to film, and record, take tons and tons of pictures to share with my Youtubers who watch my videos and also my readers who like to read my posts!

I have to see this event. Also, if you've read this far, Curves and Chaos is having a major giveaway! So if you're a curvy girl like me and would like to enter, I'd suggest you go and check them out :) And if you live in the LA area and are a bbw you'd be crazy to miss this event! Not only will you see tons of beautiful fashions for the curvy girl but I'm sure if you are looking for inspiration you will definitely find it there with a building full of big beautiful women!

I'm sure any plus sized girl with some body image issues, self esteem issues, or even a little trouble with stepping out of the comfort zone of t's and ill loose fitting clothes will definitely gain some confidence and even have a new approach to life and how they see themselves and their bodies. You will learn to love your bodies if you see more and more women do so as well. We're not alone ladies, and a show like this is a must see. It's a movement! I want to be a part of, do you?

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Cid Style File said...

You should totally come and party with us in LA for FFF Week!! Curves and Chaos and I are hosting a cocktail hour in honor of it!