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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 01: A recent picture & 15 interesting facts

I took this picture this morning (10/19/2010) and I didn't feel like taking pictures, cuz you know...I'm still under the weather and I dont like giving fake ass smiles so I didn't smile at all maybe I'm just doing what Tyra says "Smiling with the eyes" cuz I really love the way my eyes came out and therefore that is why I did a popart picture of the photo I took this morning. I had to make it a little artsy. Btw...it's my brothers birthday so I'll have to call him and say "Zapo Verde" u know...that's mexican for "Happy Birthday."

Now onto 15 interesting facts about me...
  1. I get nervous around kids (specially if they can't talk lol)
  2. Size 7 (regular) is the smallest I have ever been (that I remember)
  3. I typed  at a speed of 101WPM at one point in my life
  4. I can do the splits and a backbend (despite being a fatty)
  5. I love rollerblading
  6. I empathize unintentionally and cry sporadically while watching Animal Planet, News, or events that have strong emotional baggage lol
  7. I remember being scared of MJ's Thriller because I didn't know it was "fake" when it first came out lol
  8. I have never been to disneyland
  9. I went skydiving for the first time in September of 09. It was awesome.
  10. When I was 16, one of my instructors (who wasn't bad looking at all) hit on me
  11. I went on a date with that same instructor when I was 18 (dont judge me! I was legal :P)
  12. I can't stand Banda, Duranguense, and Corridos (Its okay...but no thanks...and the dance...FORGET about it! lol)
  13. I was violated (literally) by a cop the day after my 18th B-Day (Fuckn Bastard)
  14. I lived in the Front Seat of my mom's Old School Chevy for 3 months when I was 13 (not by choice, life was hard)
  15. I helped my mom pack her last boyfriends shit and put in on the front door when I was 9 (best example I could ever ask for-Don't put up with mens' shit and kick his ass to the curve)

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LovelyKorita said...

I joined you too! I already did my 1st post!

So no paisa??? lol wow and I'm a true paisa at heart haha