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Monday, October 18, 2010

Breaking Through Stress!

So a few of my subscribers and readers and facebook friends have been wondering where the hell I have been.  I have bee stressing! I have been in a little hole I dug for myself and burried myself in it.  I know everyone has their way of coping with stress. My way of coping is shutting myself out of the world.  I literally stop talking, stop interacting, and just think and think and think all to myself.  I know to some this is not the way to go. To some, talking with others about their life problems is the best way to go. For me it is not.  I dont always wish to tell my life problems because I rather help myself figure out my own problems and come up with my own solutions. It makes me stronger as an individual.

I have a phase, a routine I go through. When I'm feeling down in the gutter, I cry me a river, I let it all out until I can't cry anymore and then I feel a lot better. After I've cried my river, I begin to build a bridge, strong enough to walk over. Once my bridge is built I get over it and move on. Sometimes I build weak bridges that only allow me to take a few steps forward when I'm already falling through the cracks and having to start back at one. In the end, it shows me patience and only gives me the strenght to build a stronger bridge, one that I wont have to start all over at.

I have been going through so much this past month. I had my mom move in, which I love! I hadn't realize how much I needed her till she was home with me. I feel so good having her around. For one, I'm not alone anymore and second, she's not alone. Its nice to have someone to talk to when you come home from work or school. I dont have such a lonely quiet house anymore.

Today, I just got the keys to my 2nd bedroom apartment. Which means I have to now move all over again! I'm feeling so much better already. I know this all requires action and movement and therefore I have no time to be all stressed and burried underneath all my blankets in my dark cave room! lol. I am super excited. The apartment we are moving to is super nice, it's been remodeled so theres lots of upgrades involved which I'm extremely excited for cuz my current apartment feel so beat up and old :(

Anyway, I'm excited for the start of the week! I will be taking pictures of my new place later today after work and will show you all before and after pictures of the new place.

Only thing I wont do this time around is paint the walls. Finding a contractor to paint everything back to normal was a pain the ass and let me tell you, some of these poeple will try and rip you off! Tell me why I was able to work down a contractor from $725 dollars to just $320 bucks! I'm telling you, some men just try and rip off women because they feel we're so poor and indefenseless and what do we know right? Well I know how to work a man from $725 down to $320 that's what I know, the hell if I was gonna pay almost a grand to have my apartment painted, yea right! I ddin't even pay $200 to have it painted myself!

Anyway, that is the reason why I have not been making any videos on YouTube or been posting any blogs. Mind you, I think I have about 3 drafts that have yet to be post those once their complete. I did a Vlog video about why I havn't been posting any videos as well, discussing how I have been feeling and I dont know if I'll post it or not, but if I do, I'll probably attach the video here later.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Happiegolucky said...

Alot of change for you in such a short time I hope you feel better soon . And what a blessing to have your mom move in with you . I moved in with my grandmother she was alone and my mother was unable to do it because of work so it was a pleasure to move in and take care of her also it saves me so much money. The only bad thing is the apartment is small and we need a bigger one soon that will be a journey to get too but i believe in time it will all work its self out. Take care and have a blessed week as well

Eva said...

I'm so glad you have your mother to help you. Mothers have a way of making everything better with their love. I have been going thru a lot of things myself and hiding in that "cave" was all i wanted to do too. Thank you for sharing this && i hope to see more posts from you.