About Me

Monday, October 11, 2010


I first created this blog in conjuction with my YouTube Channel. I really enjoy writing and figured I'd create a blog where I can talk about my outfits and post still pictures of my outfits as well.  My life doesn't revolve around Fashion as many of the bloggers I enjoy reading and following.  Although dressing nice and looking cute, buying nice clothes and acessories is something I love, it's not something my world revolves around. I'm not obsessed with shoes, makeup, or clothes or dressing in the latest fashions.

My blog is going to transition into my story and the journey I am on. Outfits being one of them because it's something I enjoy doing, and sharing with other fellow plus sized ladies who have taken inspiration from me and have gained more self confidence through my ideas and tips. I noticed my videos on dating, and vlogging seem to get most attention just as much as my outfits do and therefore I will be writing about my dates, love life, and just about anything I feel like writing about.

For those interested, I will be blogging about Music, Life experiences, Family, Basketball (Go Lakers), and the obvious, Clothes! My blog will become the story of my life and I will try and keep it updated as much possible so I have a memoir to look back on and share with my kids if I ever have any in the future. Life is too short and sometimes it's gone before we know it. I want to leave something behind that is memorable and that my family can look back on and something my nieces and nephews can remember me by.

So...not that my blog has ever been officially focused on my outfits, but now it's official. This will be come the memoir to my life, and my journey starts today.


azurelily said...

Thanks! I just accidentally found your site (YouTube) and wow am I glad I did. I've been struggling with weight issues for several years. My Endocrinologists have had me trying all sorts of "things." I'm deciding that I need to just accept that I'm going to likely be "curvy & luscious" for the rest of my life. It's been hard to figure out how to be sexy also. Society does not help. With just a few tips today from you-I'm hoping I can turn my way of thinking around! -thank God I have a hubby who LOVES my curves!! He's Cuban American-I'm just a straight up white gal. LOL I'm going to get sexy! THANK YOU!

migdalia said...

very cool ... im going to follow through with you girl .... and as for azurelily i find myself in the same "phase" ( i guess i can call it that) i know what you mean with figuring out how to be sexy.. stay confident cause thats sexxy and being your true self is also sexy ...at least thats what i tell my self everyday until i finaly get it ... anyways good luck to you both and as of for me ... let the journey begin ...