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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vegan Makeup! Seriously!!!

Okay, as much as I am all for protecting the environment and against animal cruelty, now they're doing Vegan makeup?? Seriuosly, what's next? Ur gonna recycle your shit and make something out of it?? This is becoming insane. It's crazy how even with the economy as bad as it is, poeple find ways to squeeze the dollars out of your pocket by advertising such things as Vegan makeup! Now as I've mentioned, I'm all for companies and makeup lines that do not test on animals...that is awesome (btw, did you know that Loreal tests their products on rabbits??) Dont use Loreal products!!

Now onto the Vegan part...I have to say that this advertisement is quite contradicting because they say the palette is totally vegan, yet only 60% of them are vegan made. See what I mean...for those that just read and assume and beleive all they read, this is very misleading to those that dont bother reading it logincally.

Totally vegan is not  the same as100% vegan, but of course Urban Decay will be a lot more successfull at selling these products to all the vegan lovers if they say it's Totally Vegan as opposed to just saying 60% vegan because you dont want 60% of anything when spending money, unless it's a 60% off sale or something! lol But anyway...what are your thoughts in regards to the Vegan makeup movement?? I'm sure there are gonna be tons more to see and a lot more "green" makeup.


Adrienne Bennett said...

You bring up an interesting point to the phrase " totally vegan" it's like when they put all natural on a soda pop label. You know none of that soda was made in nature or is natural in any form. I think this has to do with the government laws and how they define things like vegan, organic, natural. Most of the times it has nothing to do with common sense logic

Mayra said...

that's exactly my point...people really think it's "vegan" and or "natural" or "organic" per say. They don't stop and think it's really not and can't be. But, with the advertising of these products and the use of particular words, the buyer is thrown off and loses their common sense and almost bewitched into beleiving it's truly vegan, if that makes any sense to you lol. My point here is, that a lot of people are unaware of these government laws and what not so instantly and easily fall for advertisements because people dont stop to use common sense. And then again, common sense aint so common.