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Friday, July 30, 2010

It's my party and I cry if I want to

So I'm sitting here watching a video on YT. 5 Things I didn't Know about JMoon715, when suddenly Liz comes out of my room with a candle on a cupcake signing "Happy Birthday." I swear I thought she was talking to her little lover boy and this whole time the bitch (yes we call each other bitches, it's a luv thing) was putting this together behind my back lol. I wasn't expecting this AT all and she gave me one of the best surprises ever and I broke down into tears, ok well I didn't break down oKay, but the bitch brought tears to my eyes lol I can't help but say she truly knows me. Chubb's knows I'm a fiend for Ice Cream and tell me this isn't the best b-day cake ever?! I dont know about you, but to me, this means more than a big fat cake, or a party, or a bottle of tequila...it's may be small and insignificant to some but to me, this is beautiful and sincere. It comes from the heart and the bitch looooooves to see my soft side cuz it's rare I breakdown like this lol so when I see her ass smirking at me, I'll be like "fuck u bitch" and we'll start cracking up lol.  Chubby is truly one of a kind, and I'm blessed to call that little short shit my bestfriend.


Truchamp06 said...

Hey lady! I am sooo happy you stayed outta trouble LOL but had a Great time!!!

thickandsassy said...

I hope that you had a fabo bday. We got to hang one day