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Saturday, July 3, 2010

We be Clubb'n

Hi Girls,

So it's 5:45 am Saturday morning. My bestie is straight up snoring and I can hear her from my room lol she's passed out on my couch. I'm still up and not tired at all despite dancing up a storm at the club lol . I decided to post this outfit now before I lag it and wait longer so here is my outfit for Friday night. I wore a jean jumpsuit/jumper that was tailored by my mom's co-worker because it previously had humoungous wide legs and I wanted them to be fitted and so it looks so much better now :) I'll have to post a picture of what it looked like before too.

I pretty  much added a red belt to the waist and threw on some black pumps and a chain to make the whole look come together.
And my bestie wore a dress I let her borrow. Despite the body differences, we manage to fit in the same clothes because I'm taller and she's shorter so some of my clothes will fit her nicely! Here's a picture of her outfit. And next to her's is a picture of me with the same dress but different shoes.
And here we are together!

So after some digging through my old pictures and hard drives I've found what this jumper looked like before with the wide legs.  I was also a bit bigger and didn't feel comfortable wearing the jumper without  something over or underneat.  The picture below was taken last year in November on Chubby's B-day. Here, I simply tucked in a black top and pulled the jumper over and wore some peep toe sling back heels by Carlos Santana (I loooove those shoes).  As you can also see, the legs were very very strait legged and wide. I really love how they look today because they are much more fitted and not so loose.

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