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Monday, July 26, 2010

They're Back!! BOOTS Galore!

One thing I love about the summer is seeing the transition from Summer to Fall. Fall is defintely one of my favorite seasons. I love watching the leaves go dry, transition from green to orange, yellow, burgundy and all these beautiful colors. I love the wind, the breeze, and the cool weather. Most of all, I love wearing Boots! And here are some of my favorites.

Now these Regan Over-the-knee boots look pretty hot. I'd defintely rock these over some leggins or jeggins or even some skinny jeans. These boots are perfect for raindy days when you dont have to worry about getting your flats wet, your heels, or just your feet in general. They look very comfortable and casual as well. The heel will provide a comfort fit and wont get your feet as tired as they normally would with a regular flat boot. The faux-leather makes them easy to clean when they get dirty and wet and water wont seep in as easily as it would with faux-suede, and the slip resistant sole is even better because you dont want to be looking all fine and sexy and all of a sudden you trip over a puddle and there you go looking a hot mess! I also enjoy the studded buckle strap at the bottom of the boot it adds edgyness to it and the side zip entry, makes it easy to slip into. And as you all know, I'm defintely  not paying $70 dollars for these babies! I'd defintely find something dam close or wait for a bargain on these babies!

These cute boots from Rue21 are also great for the fall/winter months. The color is very neutral making it easy to pair up with just about anything. THis boot is also great for the summer because it's short and you can pair it up with shorts or skirts and even leggings/jeggins. Faux-leather makes it easy to clean and the buckles add cute detailing. They are very flat, however, it appears as though they do have a very slight heel. The only thing I dislike about Rue21 is they do not provide descriptions for their shoes, unless I'm doing something wrong...other than that, you pretty much have to make out what the boot will be like just by looking at it. A descriptioin on the site would be nice though, you can get an idea of the material it's made of and other details that are important to know and can help in the decision making process of whether or not purchase an item like this.

These boots are super cute! I really like the round toe and the wooden heel. I also like the moto edgyness it has to it and I'd love to wear these to school. They are defintely cute and again, the faux leather makes them super easy to clean up and care for and doesn't allow water to seep in on those rainy days. The heel is super cute and you can easily use these for a night out as well and defintely go casual in these as well.

Here are some others from WetSeal I really enjoyed and thought were super cute!
I went over to Forever21 and found these adorable ankle booties. Defintely a style you can use year-round (at least I would) and pretty affordable!
Tabitha Ankle Boots $23.80

Now these on the other hand, I'm not quite sure how I feel. Oopen toe boots for the fall/winter doesn't seem so appealing to me. You're feet are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and heat escapes the body quite easily hear so the point during the fall/winter time is to keep yourself warm and cozy and open toe boots seem fancy and cute but I dont want to be freezing my toes off during this season. Aside from that, think about those rainy days/nights when you wanna look cute yet want to keep dry and let alone avoid getting sick.  Open toe boots are defintely not my favorite, at least not for the fall/winter season. What do you think? What are your thoughts? Would you rock these boots during the fall/winter months?



LOL...I just saw this pic you posted del open toe boot ..oh no ..not something I would wear, your all covered yet ur deditos show, wuts sup with that ...Its like a high heel with open toe but you really cant compare a high heel with a boot that goes up to ur knee or some. At least the heel is at ur ankle que no..yeah it might be fashion but not in my closet lol..btw Im also diggin boots and the season of fall YAY.. this year is going by so quickly ah dios mio..thanks for sharing.

LovelyKorita said...

I so bought the first pair of boots on here! LOL I got them last week. I can't wait to wear em!