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Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching Up...

I've been showing my blog no love and it's time I stop procrastinating and actually keep up with my blog and actually write. I took the summer off from school because all classes were booked because our Governor (previously known as "The Terminator") made a lot of budget cuts and unfortunately my local college was hit and didn't offer summer school this year do to the budget cuts. The next thing to do was to apply at another college just 20 minutes away, which I did and those classes were booked Asap as well.

I ended up with no classes scheduled for the summer and figured it wouldn't be so bad. I thought to myself this was the time for me to focus on my writing and it's when I started doing Youtube videos again.  With that said, I'll try my best to post all my outfit of the days, and just anything that comes to mind from music, emotions, to anything that makes up who I am and what I love.  So with that said, catching up starts today and I will be posting pictures of my OOTD's.

Another reason why I hadn't posted was because I didn't have readers. I have 5 now, and whether they are reading or not I don't know, but they've inspired me to continue posting.  I'd very much like to hear from my readers, so please feel free to comment or say Hi :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

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