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Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Outfit

My 4th of July outfit consists of a Romper I purchased at Goodwill about a week ago for 5 bucks! It's in tip top condition, but unfortunately it fits too tight on the lower bottom. I said I wouldn't wear the romper till I fit into it.  Since I really like how the top of the romper fit, I chose to use some romper shorts I got from Torrid (which were on clearance) and added a red belt to emphasize my waise and allow the romper to flow freely and piece the whole outfit together.

I paired up my outfit with some red  peep toe heels by guess which also had a small cute buckle.

I didn't want to go crazy or bold on the makeup so I simply added blue eyeliner on the upper lids, glitter on the lids, and glitter liner on the lower lid. I really went bold and intense on the lips and wore "red" lipstick from Hot Topic and a gloss above that to add some shine and make them look luscious lol =)

Yes, I have [[Cellulite]] Get over it =]

[[If it doesn't bother me, it sure as hell shouldn't bother you]]

As you all may know, I love taking pictures! What girl doesn't! Ok...let me take that back. I do know of lots of women who refuse to take pictures simply because they do not feel good about themselves. Let me just say something...Why let time go by and not ever capture a moment of yourself to reflect upon later in life? No woman should ever feel the need not to get pretty or dressed up, even if you have nothing to do or anywhere to go! There is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn't get up in the morning, do your hair and makeup and even dress up a bit even if your a stay at home mom, a college student, HS student, or a person with many children and more than one job! There is no excuse why you cant have a mirror in your purse, some lipstick and mascara, or just even blush will brighten up your face and make you feel and look a lot more alive and happy.  I know many women have self esteem issues, I have some of my own but I don't let that get in the way of me dressing up and looking and feeling pretty.

I have to say that each of my outfits always brings a different mood and energy. Today's outfit was definitely very fun, flirty, cute, sexy even and that's exactly how I felt through out the day.  My moods and the way I feel truly comes through in my pictures.  I didn't even want to get out of my outfit today! I absolutely loved what I did with this outfit today and can definitely say it's going to become one of my favorites.

With this said, I just want to let anyone with self esteem issues, or body image issues know that there is no excuse for a woman or girl not dress up and look cute, sexy, or attractive.  Don't dress up for others or for the world, dress up for you. Dress up in what makes YOU feel good and attractive and CONFIDENT. Be creative within your own parameters and don't be afraid to step outside of the box and try new things. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how gorgeous you look because it's going to take you to convice yourself because nobody can ever do it for you. Find clothes that accentuate your assets and hide those not so favorite places on your body; but dress for your body and what makes you feel comfortable. Remind yourself how hot, pretty, cute, gorgeous, lovely, and sexy you look each time you look in the mirror and you will slowly but surely convince yourself of it.


glam doll lumi said...

OMG i'm so glad i found your blog! and you're youtube! I love your outfit! i hope you had a happy fourth!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeouz is definitely the word, cellulite or not!
Keep glowing madame.