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Sunday, July 4, 2010

I went to a "Quince"

Today, well technically yesterday (Saturday) I went to a "Quince" with my co-worker.  I have to say by the time I took these pictures I was really tired. I have been pulling "all-nighters" since Thursday night. I had a 5 day weekend from work so I definitely wanted to make them worthwhile! I have the summer off from school and this mini-vacation is definitely great, but today it's finally taking a toll on me. It's 3am and here I am still wide awake! I should be sleeping! lol.

This was my outfit for the evening. I wore a white burn out top I purchased at Ross for 6 dollars. I am wearing a black tank underneath, and threw a vest I got from Torrid for about 14 dollars I believe (can't clearly remember). I'm wearing some gladiator heals I purchased at Torrid, also for 15 dollars sometime last year on Clearance =)

I decided to use a more fitted top because the vest helps hide my problem areas (backrolls and yes I do have love handles) and layering a tank underneath helps in emphasizing the top and bringing the vest together as well.  I didn't like how the top looked with the tank tucked in so I left it out. Plus I enjoy wearing long tanks underneath when I wear fitted tops to help conceal my tummy when wearing very snug jeans like the ones I have on today.  Here are a few other pics to show you the difference and what I mean...you tell me...what do you think? How do you prefer wearing your fitted tops?

As you can see in the picture above (did I mention I was tired...lol) the top is very fitted and I wouldn't feel all that comfortable walking around with this top alone unless it was a size bigger. Because the top is fitted, the vest really helps hide my problem areas as mentioned above and the tank underneath helps a whole deal hiding that love handle (yup its' there...but it's very well concealed). Layering can really help hide, conceal, or make your love handles less noticeable as opposed to just wearing a top alone (see picture below) Big difference huh?  Notice how my love handles are more noticeable and stand out more  and making me look less flattering. (I still have the tank top on, just tucked it underneath).

So layering it up is defintely the way to go for me. Again, you can see how my figure becomes more flattering and my problem areas are nicely concealed and the whole outfit looks a whole lot better! 

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