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Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 1st, Outfit of the Day turned Evening

Today I started my day off wearing a top I purchased at the Goodwill for 3 dollars! I really like the fit. It's very loose fitting and it flows very nicely covering my mid section and back. I paired it up with my Guess heels and when I was ready to leave for the evening, I put my olive green top over the white one.  This look can be easily turned into a day or night look just by switching up the shoes.

My mom called me to meet her for a Dr's appointment and I just switched my heels into some thong flats and out the door I went. When I came back home, I threw on my heels again and I was ready to go.  I didn't wear too much makeup, I kept it light and natural today. 

Here is what I wore around the house during the morning. It's very laid back and casual but the way the top flows, the loose sleeves, and the studs glam it up a bit.

Later that day, I threw on a top I had in my closet for 2 years!! No joke! I bought it for my 22nd b-day and only wore it that one day and never again till today! I'll have to dig through my pictures and find it and post it here. 

Anyhow, here is what my outfit looked like by the end of the night. I wore the top with the buttons closed and left the bust open to reveal the studs on the white top.  I also pulled out the white sleeve from the white top just enough to peek through the olive top and have the look come together.

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