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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not So Girly

Today's OOTD is very laid back and casual strait up dressed down with my kicks on =) I was asked to do a dressed down OOTD with sneakers or tennis so this is it.  On a regular day (Mon-Thursday) I'll normally dress this way, and I'll switch up the shoes and wear tennis or flats (can't wear sandals to work) technically, I'm supposed to work a "work" shoe for work but I keep a pair of work shoes in my office incase I need to go into the winery and set up a tasting in a barrel room or something.

Today I wore one of my favorite tops. It has "Maneater" in big bold letters across the chest with a big heart and a lion in the middle. Me bieng a feline lover, anything with a cat, lion or tiger I will get! I layered the top with a white tank underneath again, to conceal my mid section. I paird the top with some blue boot cut jeans and my white converse shoes.

When wearing dressed down outfits like this, I enjoy going heavy on the makeup.

Makeup Used:
Eyes: Kat Von D Pallet - Metal Orchestra (All 4 blue colors and black)
MUFE - Aqualine Eyeliner in Navy
NYX - Glitter in Blue
False Eyelashes (Cut in half and used on outter eyes only)
Immodest Mattene Lipstick
Raspberry Serbet Lipgloss from Bath&Body Works
MAC Blush

Now, on the pictures below you can see the difference layering can make to my body.  Above, my mid section is not very noticeable and you could say it is nicely concealed and my curves are more emphasized. However, down below you can see the top looks a lot more fitted, and my mid section is very much exposed and not concealed at all. It actually stands out a lot! (not good).  SO YES the look on my face describes how I feel about not layering! it's SERIOUS. lol. 
Love handles are not strikingly sticking out and i look more lean and "toned" or "fit" as opposed to my guy just sticking out to say Hi to the world =) lol 

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LovelyKorita said...

ahh my kind of girl!!! I LOVE SNEAKERS! LOL