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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty Casual Monday

Today's outfit of the day is pretty basic and casual. Perfect for my kind of work environment.  I've actually taken these pictures in the office lol and decided to share my lovely view. Today it's been such a beautiful day and I always keep my office lights off. 1. To help save energy and 2. I get all the natural light I possibly need! =) So I decided to share my lovely scenery with you all, and becuase I had some down time I decided to take some pics...battery was dying so I couldn't get the image I was looking for but this will do for now.

When I'm having a rough day, or when I just need to take a breather and relax, I like to open the window and just let the breeze come in and feel the fresh air blow through my hair and sweep my face. I love listenting to the sound of the wind gushing through the trees and the vinyards.  Sometimes I'll be sitting at my desk and suddenly I notice movement off my periphreal vision and I look out into the vinyards and I'll see jack rabbits running through the vinyards. It's truly an amazing feeling. I also enjoy taking walks on my breaks and get that fresh air and it also helps me stay active since I spend most of my day sitting on my behind :).

This one's a bit blurry, but I liked how it casted my profile against the light

Now...onto the OOTD. As I've mentioned in my videos. I work at a winery and I have my own office upstairs and am not required to go into the cellar or barrel warehouse much but I do so when I have to set up wine tastings. Next time I do one, Ill make sure to share with you all. My position doesn't require me to dress up at all! AT ALL and as much as I love not having to get all dolled up, I do miss dressing up for work sometimes. Everyone around here wears jeans and t-shirts. I dont over do it much because it's kind of awkward and well why do something when you just dont have to? lol. I love not having to dress up or having to worry about my outfit, and shoes, and makeup during the week. That's why I enjoy getting creative, going all out, and wearing heels on my days off. It's a perfect combination for me. The best perk is I get to sleep in a little more =)

So today, I wore some blue jeans, some black flat's, and an orange tunic salmon colored top. pretty basic and casual. I didn't really wear accessories because, well...I just didn't feel like it to be honest lol.

 I bought this top at Torrid. It's a coral top, see through, very light weight. Button closure on the front and has polka dots througout the top.  As you can see, the button closure has some ruffled detailing and the shoulders have some pleading that goes down past the bust into the lower half of the top. The sleeves are short and have some pleading on the upper shoulder only and it almost carries down and puffs up the sleeve a bit which I thought was cute and made the top a bit trendy as opposed to very plain and basic. I had to wear a tank underneath because as mentioned earlier, the top is very  light weight and semi-see through. The tunic is very  flowy and has a sash tie you can adjust on the back.
And as you might notice, the sleeves also have some button tabs on them which help cap the sleeve.

I really enjoy wearing loose tops like this to work because they are very comfortable, loose, and they conceal my problem areas.  I must admit, one of the downsides to wearing tunics like this is that they can make you appear pregnant or bigger than you really are.  I dont really  mind to much because I rather look prego or bigger than my actual size as oppossed to looking a bit too "sexy" or provocative at work.  As you might notice, I'm quite the curvy girl and so wearing clothes that is a bit more fitted or tight may not be as appropriate for my workplace than other places.

The jeans I wore today have some really cute heart shaped pockets and this was the first time I wore these to work.  I hesitated wearing these to work for so long because I didn't want to give off the wrong message or make ppl think or even give them a reason to look at my behind.  I'm very conservative when it comes to work and I just like to be presentable and not look provacative. The top helps conceal the heart pockets making me feel a bit more comfortable wearing these jeans.

And here is a picture of my complete outfit.

I didn't have time to take a picture of the blusher palette I have, but I did find an old video from last year where I talk about the palette and so I took a still from the video. The blush I'm pointing at is the one I used for this outfit. I'll update this post with all products used and I'll include pictures of the  makeup used too =) For now, here's this picture

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